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  1. Easy steps to install VIDA 2015A software with vxdiag vcx nano for Volvo scanner. Operating system: Windows 7 operating system (32-bit or 64 bit) VIDA 2014D vs.
  2. VIDA 2015 has an extensive HELP section which can be reached at any time simply by hitting the “F1” button on your keyboard. VIDA 2015 is 100% internet based, which means you will always have the most current information at your fingertips. Changes and corrections can be applied with a much shorter lead time.


VIDA stands for 'Vehicle Information and Diagnostics for Aftersales'. A VIDA subscription could include service and parts information along with wiring schematics, and the ability to download software to a vehicle. Product subscriptions are ranged to be appropriate for a full-service shop through to a stand-alone parts counter.

The wiring schematics for MY's 1994-2016 * are available as separate online PDF type subscription products.

Product description DICE is a tool that is used together with VIDA All-in-one software to diagnose and troubleshoot Volvo vehicles from and including model year 1999. This is the latest Volvo tool to replace the well-known VCT2000 device. It has integrated Bluetooth module, this allows more comfortable work, no need of cable connection to PC now!

*Wiring schematics for MY 2016 and newer (XC90, S90,V90 and similar platform vehicles) are only viewable within a VIDA subscription that includes Diagnostics or Diagnostics and Software Download.

If you are outside the United States or Canada go to: http://workshopsupportguide.volvocars.biz/home.aspx


Users must always log onto the volvotechinfo.com (VTI) website with the same VTI Username - it is linked to your VIDA account. If a previous subscription was purchased, there is a corresponding VTI account and corresponding VIDA account. Make sure you are logging onto this website with that same Username. The VIDA subscriptions are linked to the User ID and not the computer. One subscription per user.

* Volvo Tech Info and VIDA are two separate systems. You will have TWO distinct ID's.

When purchasing a subscription or software download Volvotechinfo.com accepts credit and debit cards issued by Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Your credit card company must support AVS checking (Address Verification System) AVS compares the submitted street address and ZIP code with the values on file at the cardholder's bank. The information you enter must match EXACTLY with what your card company has on file. Please do not try to process your credit card more than once if it is declined, unless you are using a completely different credit card/debit card number, or you are correcting an error in your Billing Information.

If you try to process an order multiple times and your credit card continues to be declined because of AVS, you will see multiple pending charges on your credit card for the full order amount. Funds for each pending charge will be unavailable until the hold is cleared. This may take several days.

The Service is directed at trained technicians and all use of the Service is at your own sole risk. Take the time to read Computer Requirements and the VIDA License Agreement.

When creating your VTI account you must enter a valid name under the Company section. (Do not use “N/A”, “none”, “Consumer”, “Other”, etc.) All information fields should have correct information.

Volvo vida software requirements

If you want to download software to a car you must purchase a VIDA PARTS, SERVICE, DIAGNOSTICS, AND SOFTWARE DOWNLOAD subscription. Go to: Purchase VIDA Subscription and order there. When ordering your VIDA Subscription - be sure to select 'VIDA' from the VIDA Product drop down.

If you are purchasing your FIRST VIDA subscription:

After placing your initial subscription order you will receive an email once your VIDA Partner ID (Company ID, 8USXXXX), VIDA user name (J-DOE1) and temporary password are established at Volvo Car Corporation in Sweden. This step is mostly automated but could take a couple of hours to fully process. You must wait for this email before trying to log into VIDA or VIDA Admin. You have to follow the directions in the email to reset the PRE-EXPIRED password.

The email you receive will look similar to this:

Your Web Single Logon has been updated with the following information.

WSL: J-Volvo*

Password: rbX2(m6Go

The password above is a temporary, pre-expired password. You should NOT try to log into VIDA or WSLX without first changing this password. You MUST follow the link to change the initial password above: https://vccidm.volvocars.biz/

It is recommended to Copy and Paste password information when resetting.

*Note: Your Username and password for the volvotechinfo.com website is separate and different from what is provided for your VIDA subscription.

For first time Users - after you buy a 3 day subscription you will be emailed a VIDA User ID. It can take up to 3-4 hours for your User ID email (but is usually quicker). You MUST reset the password in the e mail RIGHT AWAY. Do not attempt to log into VIDA with the password from the email. Follow the DIRECTIONS in the email. Once you reset that password with your own new one you can wait as long as you want to activate the subscription. Follow the directions to install VIDA: Installation Instructions.

Activating the subscription in VIDA Admin the first time:
  1. Log into VIDA Admin, click onto Subscription tab, then your subscription name.
  2. Under the Properties tab, check the Activated box and Save **.
  3. Under the User tab, add your User ID (by moving to the left side) and Save.
  4. Go to Device and make sure you have approved and Saved it (from the Installation Instructions).
  5. Activate the subscription - click onto Subscription tab, then your subscription name, under the properties tab check the Activated box and Save. You should then have access.

Once activated, the subscription will run 72 consecutive hours (for a three day subscription). We cannot pause or extend a subscription.

After you activate the subscription you will have to pay for each software item you buy. You can only buy ONE item at a time.

** Any time after the first activation - whenever you activate a subscription you only need to check the Activate box. As long as you are still using the same approved Device you do NOT have to move the User or Computer to the left in Admin (they should be there already).

Note: If you are having a problem with a new subscription you buy, ordering another subscription does NOT correct the problem. Open a help request in VTI to resolve the issue.

Once you have purchased a bulletin or wiring diagram subscription, you can access the information via the PDF Viewing Library. Once you are logged in, hover your mouse pointer over Account in the menu bar at the top of the screen and click on the Viewing Library option in the sub-menu.

VIDA passwords expire every 90 days. You will receive an email several times before your password expires. You are responsible for maintaining your password. Set your Password Challenge responses so you can reset your password if you happen to let it expire.

How to Add a Brand New Employee in IDM (Overview)
  1. Login to Novell IDM (https://vccidm.volvocars.biz)
  2. Click on 'Work Dashboard' at the top
  3. On the left click on 'Make a process Request'
  4. Make sure the 'Process Request Category' is set to 'All ' and click on the 'Continue' button
  5. Click on the link of 'Create an External CDSID'
  6. To the right of 'Partner Code' Click on the box with the Magnifying Glass.
  7. Select the drop down and choose 'Partner CIS code'
  8. Enter your code as '8us##' or '8ca##' (## is the retailer code, 'us' for United States, 'ca' for Canada)
  9. Click on search and a retailer will populate, click on any of the retailer information, then the screen will return back to the previous screen with Partner Code populated
  11. Click on 'Generate' button so the system can generate a new CDSID, then write the new CDSID down
  12. Click on 'Create' button at the bottom. NOTE: An email will be sent by the system to the email address entered above, with the User Name, temporary Password, and a link to access IDM to set their personal 90 day password.

After you activate your subscription you will have to pay for each software item you buy. You can only buy ONE item at a time.

VIDA has an extensive HELP section which can be reached from any point within VIDA simply by hitting the 'F1' button on your keyboard.

Fully profile the car out to the correct transmission. Address all DTCs. Go to Software/All - choose your SW/Add SW/Purchase - fill in your VTI info for billing/ Query the order, Retrieve and Download.

If the download fails, it is generally not productive to perform multiple attempts unless you identified the reason the first attempt failed. If you encounter any error messages, it would be helpful if you could take a screen capture of the error message and post it in a help request on VTI. .

This can be done by:
  1. Press Ctrl. While holding that down, press Print Screen.
  2. Click Start.
  3. Select All Programs.
  4. Select Accessories.
  5. Select Paint.
  6. Select the Edit menu and click Paste.
  7. Select the File menu and click Save As.
  8. Pick a convenient location in the SAVE IN and a convenient name in the FILE NAME and click Save.
  9. In this help request, click the BROWSE button at the bottom of the help request to find and select the file.

For any failed downloads; credit requests must be submitted within three business days of purchase by creating a Software Refund Request.

If you have any issues or questions regarding the Bookstore site, your VIDA or Software order please open a help request under SUPPORT/Create Help Request (note that you must be logged into your account to create a Help Request). Choose a category and provide detailed information on the exact issue you are having (the more information you provide, the better we can assist you). It is ALWAYS best to provide us with a screen capture of exactly what is happening at what point. Once opened, all communication will be contained within the same help request. No phone calls. Sorry, we are not trained to direct or assist on technical questions or repair methods. That information is contained in VIDA. You can view past help requests by clicking on 'Archived Requests'.

You can view past help requests by clicking on 'Archived Requests'.

Volvo Vida Dice is the professional OBD2 scanner for Volvo cars from 1999-2015. VXDAS will share the free download link and installation notice here.

Volvo Vida Dice Overview

1. Software Version: V2014D

Latest software is 2015A, details here: Volvo Vida Dice 2015A

2. Update Method: via CD

Volvo Vida Software

3. Operation System: Win7 32bit or 64bit

4. Multi-languages: Italiano, English, French, Portuguese, Swedish, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Russian, Turkish, Thai, Chinese.

5. Support Vehicles: Volvo cars from 1999-2015, working together with VIDA all-in-one.

Volvo vida software download

6. Main Functions: Control modules, SRS, general safety, brakes, airbag, engine as well as service and maintenance.

Volvo Vida Dice 2014D software, free download

Link: https://mega.nz/#F!JooHiQxK!pl_6AnwzhRyRSo0UkeC-ig

Vida Dice 2014D Installation Notice

Software Installation Requirements

First, Vida software needs Win7 32bit or 64 bit operating system.

Second, the software must install in the C disk, C disk available capacity 30GB at least, RAM3GB.

Then IE Explorer version should be IE9 or above.


Do not install anti-virus software, security guards and other software programs in the laptop. These programs may be installed to kill the software, then damage the software and cannot use anymore.

Volvo vida software download

Installation Notice

Volvo Vida Software Will Not Open Localhost

If you order the Volvo Vida Dice tool together with software CD. Before installing the software, you should copy the software inside DVD to laptop hard drive. The DVD software should be put inside the same new folder, then open and unzip the part 1. Open the generated software packages after decompression, then follow the installation video guide to install the programs.


The software installation process will need around one hour, please wait it patiently. The installation video has been edited so make the time shorter, hope you can understand.

After software installation finished, please select restart laptop later. After running software patches, can choose cancel (suggest cancel it), can also choose to open the application login use directly. The program portal desktop icon ALL – IN – ONE, login user name admin to open applications. If you cannot reach the login in screen, please repeat to open it till you reach the login in page.

Volvo Vida Dice 2014D Software Installation Video

We also have installation video download link here: https://mega.nz/#!w4QjnIZa!DrjEwOYQq3KFb9Vui6pzT3oPxavkLZlX4JX_WiOQoAo

Finally, for more software, free download, please click link below:

Vida Dice Software Full Download

Professional Diagnostic Solution & Service Supplier

Volvo Vida Software Download

Website: www.vxdas.com

Volvo Vida Software Requirements

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