What Font Is The Star Wars Logo

What Font Is The Star Wars Logo

What Font Is Closest To Star Wars

The Rogue One logo’s box shape is reminiscent of Return of the Jedi, which is the least inspiring of the original Star Wars logos. That skinny, serif font looks more like corporate letterhead than an exciting space adventure. While the logo was custom-drawn by Ralph McQuarrie in a blocky sans serif mimicking the perspective of the opening crawl, the tagline and credits were set in ITC Serif Gothic. © 1980 Lucasfilm – Tagline on the original Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back one sheet – Click the. At the time the original title was The Star Wars. To my eye, the font on the decal is Futura Display. Below is a detail from a page in the Photo-Lettering’s One Line Manual of Styles with samples. Although, the recent Star Wars episodes, counting from ‘The Force Awakens’ have been using a digitalized version of Star Wars letter fonts, mostly matching with Franklin Demi’s font work. Once the familiar line vanishes away into the space, our eardrums are hit an epic opening fanfaronade by Jon Williams.

Names are fun. So I have not one but two Star Wars name generators for you to play with. Click on one of the pictures below!

What Font Is Used For The Star Wars Logo


What Font Is The Star Wars Logo In

The Star Wars Logo with YOUR NAME!

A lady friend, Carla, thought it would be cool to be able to enter your name, and then have it look like the Star Wars logo. Well that did sound as something I want to put on the site.


Soooo... more challenges for my Dad, the programmer! :-D

He said to me, 'It can be done'. But boy, it did take him a long time... but this page is living proof that he is capable of doing cool things. Don't believe me? Well, say no more.

Here it is!!!!!

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Please enter your first name and last name, and click on Star Wars Me! After a short while this page will reload, and where it now says 'STAR WARS' in the picture below, it will say your name in the Star Wars Logo font. If you want to save this cool pic, simply right-click it and save the image to a place somewhere on your computer (make sure you can find it again!)


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What font is used in the star wars logoYour name as Star Wars Logo

What Font Is Used In The Star Wars Logo


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