Wifikill Pro 2.3 2 Apk


Download the wifikill pro apk free download to disable the internet connection of other devices connected to the same network as yours. Download wifikill pro 2.2 apk and unlock all the features for free like disabling the internet connection of all the other devices connected to the same Wi-Fi except yours so that you can save the precious bandwidth from getting it wasted by someone downloading rubbish from the network.

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What is Wifikill Pro


Wifikill pro xda is an app developed by the xda developers team to help you switch the data on or off for other devices connected to the same network as you according to your preference. Like you can turn off data for a certain device and that device will not be able to surf web or download anything using your network. The app is in its initial stage so don not be alarmed if it’s not so well build because there is scope of improvement and xda developers will be launching the full version of the Wifikill pro apk soon which will allow you to restrict any number of devices from wasting the precious bandwidth because we know data isn’t cheap.

Wifikill pro 2.3 2 apk emulator

The wifikill pro cracked version is available only here where you do not have to see the ads and you can avail the pro functions of the app for free and can block any number of devices from using the internet that are connected to the same network as you. With the latest version of the wifikill pro apk no root is required to use the application, so you can use the wifikill pro apk on your device even without root access if your device is rocking android 5.0 lollipop or higher.

Download Wifikill pro apk zippy, the cracked version of the app without any ads and all the pro features already unlocked. Please keep in mind that wifikill 1.7 pro apk is for the android devices running on android 4.4 or lower and wifikill pro 2.3.2 apk is for the devices running on android 5.0 lollipop or higher.

Wifikill Pro 2.3 2 Apk

How to Download Wifikill Pro Free

Follow the b3elow given steps to download and use wifikill pro free on your android device.

Www Wifikill Net Wifikill Pro 2.3 2 Apk Download

Wifikill Pro 2.3 2 Apk

Download the wifikill 1.7 pro apk or wifikill pro 2.3.2 apk using our download links depending on the version of android on your device.

Now open file manager, locate the downloaded apk and install the wifikill pro cracked apk and enjoy free premium experience.

Wifikill For Windows

Thanks for downloading Wifikill Pro Freeand leave your queries with us using the comment section below, we will be happy to help you.